Do you feel stuck in repeating cycles ? Do you feel alone ?

Do you intensely desire someone to REALLY get you, yet no person ever seems to touch that place of longing? Are there parts of you that you’ve never wanted anyone to know about, yet also longed they could be heard, understood and accepted? What if someone who truly cared was right there- not beside you, but already in you and ready to show up in courage where fear leaves your body without a word? And what would it be like to wake up not feeling scared, lonely, or helpless, because that Someone is YOU?

Vulnerable experiences that burdened us with unwelcome thoughts and feelings about who we are have kept our best Self hidden... until now.

Internal Family Systems is a “you are already whole” model of the human person which gently reveals the "someone" we call Self. IFS allows for a deep inner spiritual connection winning over your most difficult emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. As aspects of you which have been marginalized begin to make sense, space opens to live from Self, the confident, creative, clear-headed you. That is what I help people do. Using IFS, I coach people as they gradually uncover Self, the place inside that embodies calm compassionate courage and more.

I invite you to discover the joy of Self, a life changing journey.

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Suzanne McGarvey

IFS Certificate of Completion Level 1 training program

Level 2 Shame, Anxiety and Depression

Level 2 Addictions & Eating Disorders

Level 3 IFS Training with Toni Herbine-Blank